2 min readJan 6, 2019

Just eSports

Welcome to my “Just eSports” blog where I will mostly write about stories and happenings on eSports mostly here in Japan (where I currently live) and other places of the world. The goal of this blog is to

  1. record interesting stories and ideas regarding eSports related activities that I’m involved at work

2. communicate with other eSports enthusiasts in the web and exchange ideas

(from here is self-suiting purposes)

3. establish myself the habit of daily writing

4. (ideally) use the accumulated blog writings as the basis for future possible book publication

5. just to prove myself that I’m alive and still have the energy to produce something productive

So that being said, my goal is to have a writing routine of two posts per week (one on weekdays and one on weekends) or at least a post per week at the very minimum – finger crossed.

Now, if I may briefly introduced myself, I am a 35 year old Asian male who was born in Korea (Busan), raised in the U.S. (Pittsburgh) and have spent about half and half of my life in each country respectively for schooling, working and etc. I was a middle schooler in Korea when the Blizzard’s Starcraft scene really took off followed by the On Game Network broadcasting channel and so on, so I saw how the esports scene has grown since.

I have been living in Japan for the past 2.5 years and currently working at a Big 4 consulting firm. Last year on May, my ex-boss (who unfortunately left the firm soon after) and I have officially launched “eSports advisory”, an unprecedented service that was first to be introduced in the Japanese market, or even to the world, but for sure among the Big 4. I am currently leading a small group of people along this activity.

Since day 1 of the service, I was lucky enough to get to meet so many people in different industries that have so much to say about the current status quo of eSports, but also on how it’s supposed to grow in the future. As I put all my passion and juice in growing the eSports advisory business nowadays, I would say there are many note-worthy stories that I get to encounter on a daily basis, thus the blog.

From the next post, let me begin with a series of eSports lectures that were given at Keio University.

#Special thanks to Roy Tomizawa for the idea and the support for starting this!